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Do you think of yourself as spiritual? What's your belief system? Does it work well for you?

Yes, I'm an artist and express my true self through my art work. Painting gives me an outlet to express complex feelings and emotions that will leave traces of myself for generations to come. I hope my work inspires future artists and gives viewers a sense of peace and wonderment. I want to take the viewer on a journey to a place inside my mind and spirit to share a moment with what's inside me, so they may know who I really am. And somehow may be show them a side of themselves that they never knew existed.

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As an artist I've been pounding my head against the wall, trying to share personal vision with the public but sometimes I feel like no one can really see anything at all. They jut see pretty colors, they have a hard time reading the information that's in front of them and most of my work just wouldn't match their couch. At burning man I've met so many people that speak my language and understand what goes into my hard work and can truly appreciate my art. Not everyone mind you but a few precious souls who see what I see and are creating their own vision too. I can't describe how inspired I get from just a few conversations with a few very special people. I feel like I've found my audience and I'm not alone in my quest to create art that heals and inspires. When I go out to the playa I actually feel like my work is important and not just some madman's ideas. I may not be a successful artist, I surely don't make much money and that can be a shot to the ego sometimes, but feel that my path is heading in the right direction. My playa brothers and sisters confirm my highest hopes and diminish all of my insecurities and self doubt.


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Art Creating Art

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