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Burning Man 99
Trout Flambe

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What was your journey to Burning Man?
Answer Amy, Tim, Quentin and I drove down from Idaho City ID in a borrowed truck with a borrowed trailer stuffed with art and supplies. The truck never went over 55 and then only down hill. On the way down we had two flats on the trailer. To "make up" lost time, we attempted a shortcut across the desert. We realized we were lost when (at midnight, having been on the road for 16 hours) Tim checked his compass and announced that the long straight away we were proceeding down was headed due east, precisely the wrong way. I am happy to say that this news was greeted by the four of us with great good humor. From an entire week of vibrant images, one that stands out for me is that of the four of us laughing and ceremoniously kissing the pavement when we finally found it late the next morning.
Career or Hobby Engineer/Artist/Inventor/Programmer/Cook and others.
Anything else to say I'll be back!