Vibrant Four

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Burning Man 99
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Vibrant Four

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What would you most like to change in our society? Is there any hope of making this change happen?
Answer I'd like to better the sense of community and interconnectedness between people, and between people and their place. Greater global, environmental, and community awareness! Freindlier, more open mentalities! Love of life..more smiles and laughter. Definitely more dancing!
Country or state California
Career or Hobby Student- ethnobotany and culture
Anything else to say Appreciate life!
Description light blue dress, glitter, long blonde hair, sunglasses

Question Are you doing any projects at Burning Man this year? If so, what? If not, can you think of any projects you might want to do or might want somebody else to do?
Answer A camp of road warriors with squirt guns who also kidnap people and make them a warrior. Each warrior has a unique road warrior outfit. Some have futuristic Mad Max road bikes. This is my first burning man.

Country or state Davis California
Career or Hobby Student
Anything else to say BURN!
Description purple feather disco ball hat

Answer I believe - in all my pompous and arrogant college education that the goal of our society is to remove natural selection, and variations on the driving force to evolve. Defeating cancer, aids, extending the lifespan of humans, will eventually make us all genetically homogenous to the point where we have to live in bubbles because nature will be deadly to us. It seems humans are predetermined to be starved and unable to achieve equilibrium with our surroundings, as we spread to new areas and suck the life out of the earth. Kind of like the aliens in ID4. No wonder people go over the edge. Slurpees are my favorite drink.

Sean "slut" Sollinger
Country or state California
Career or Hobby Student- hopefully a parasiteologist
Anything else to say Burning is a realized dream.
Description leopard outfiit, spotty bleached hair

Question What's the best thing that's happened to you at Burning Man?
Answer I got sucked into a different dimension of humanity that spit me out in the desert where I danced with fire dancers, and explored the imagination of others. When I woke up a week later I thought it was all a dream, until I saw the layer of playa dust all over my unpacked toys.
Country or state California
Career or Hobby Caffiene Addict who works at a coffee shop
Anything else to say the end
Description orange sunglasses, turquiose pendant, pentagram necklace, tongue pierce