Underwater Butterflies

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Burning Man 99
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Underwater Butterflies

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What's the best thing that's happened to you at Burning Man?
Answer Sun good! People good! Shiny things good!
Country or state WA, USA
Career or Hobby inducing chaos into the bitstream
Description scales and spots

Answer Below is an addendum to my other survey. Basically I thought of something better to say to the world.
How to fulfill your dreams:
with lowered expectations,
lots of preparation,
and reckless abandon.
Country or state Seattle, WA
Career or Hobby binary bitstream masseur
Description man and woman with skirts and parasols, original survey and photo on 9/1.

Question Most people find themselves doing things they don't usually do. What did you do here that you don't usually do?
Answer So far things I have done are crazy yet normal in my world. I am excited to come upon experiences that I have not yet encountered. Possibilities are endless.
Country or state Canada
Career or Hobby Support worker, drummer, fire juggler
Anything else to say Thank you so much for the experience!