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Burning Man 99
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Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Answer Mixed Metaphor personality wash:
(Safe for colorfast moods)
Sort by iridescence.
Soak with playa dust.
Bass bounce dry.
Rince, repent.
Country or state Seattle, WA
Career or Hobby dancing, corprate stress
Anything else to say Thx! Hugz.
Description Yellow hat, green pants

Question Most people find themselves doing things they don't usually do. What did you do here that you don't usually do?
Answer Running around fire, dodging embers ans sipping water with the most gorgeious people I've ever known. Gosh, i also showered under this enormous woman's legs: heavenly and SO cold. Dried in 2 minutes.
Country or state CA
Career or Hobby Dog Walker
Anything else to say What you're doing is phenomenal. Thank you.
Description Orange sundress, chapped lips & blue glitter.