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Burning Man 99
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Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question Did you meet somebody you like? Describe this person.
Answer Sheriff Dave. He handcuffed me on one end of camp and the key was at the opposite end. So...that's how we met. Bound together for 3 hours. Is this what relationships are like?
Country or state Santa Cruz, USA-California
Career or Hobby Fire theater director-"PyroPixies!"
Anything else to say Burning Man-Best Party on the Planet!
Description Female gunslinger (red hair) and Sheriff Dave (green hair)

Question You saw a striking fashion statement today. What was it?
Answer A gentleman with a television set for a head.
Country or state Seattle, WA
Career or Hobby Sociologist/College Professor
Anything else to say Howdy.
Description Duct tape sheriff garb.