Make me Famous Cowboy

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Burning Man 99
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Make me Famous Cowboy

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What disturbed you at Burning Man?
Answer The 30-something man with head nude except for four bloody staples pounded into the top of his shaved skull which he had done at Staple Camp. He had no tattoos or piercings. Sickening. It'll take me some years to get over that one and I hope that by talking it over I've excised some of my horror.
Country or state Cambridge, MA
Anything else to say At the time of writing I've begun gender transition. This could serve as a record of this phase of my life, so I look like more of a boy than I would like, though not exactly like one.
Description Shorts, one painted ear, topless.

Question Draw a picture of yourself at Burning Man.
Description I found this one pointed ear, like it?