BJ & Sofia: Platypi of the Playa

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Burning Man 99
Set 5
BJ & Sofia: Platypi of the Playa

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What's the best thing that's happened to you at Burning Man?
Answer I was riding the see-saw with B.J. and suddenly remembered that this exact moment had happened years ago in a dream - Green spinning slowly around on a see-saw contraption with someone (also green) who was very close to me (in euphoria).
Country or state CA
Career or Hobby Waitress
Anything else to say Never before have I felt that it was O.K. to do almost anything and it would be accepted by the world - A shame that it doesn't happen often, but I'm glad it's happening now.
Description Red dress, lime green - yellow skin, gold glitter, red hat, white veil

Question What's an event in your life that changed you? How did it change you?
Answer All events have changed my life, keeping me in a state of perpetual permutation... THUD!
Country or state CA, USA
Career or Hobby Ocassionally emplyed professional eccentric
Anything else to say We have dyed ourselves a different color each day,
running the spectrum from blue to red.

I want some taquitos.
Description Cowboy hat, cow head w/ears, pirate vest, floral skirt, with a girl

in a red dress (both of us green).