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Burning Man 99
Set 6
Parrot Shirt

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question Why are you dressed like you are?
Answer Practicality and comfort. The parrot on the T-shirt I happened to be wearing when I encounted your tent is actually composed of the words "POLY", for polyamory - loving multiple people. I was with Poly Camp in 1999 and will be co-facilitating Poly Camp in 2000.

You can also see my shiny silver Digican Yoni. Check it out in person if you run into me.

Question 2 - What would you most like to change in our society? Is there any hope of making this change happen?

Healing the psychic wounds which cause us to damage and control others as an often dysfunctional attempt to regain the safety and self image which we naturally desire; there are softer paths which work better overall. (Hard to put in a few words).

Yes, it is changing, people are discovering that by risking more love they can improve the world, integrate mind and body and sex and soul; feel good about themselves without putting down on others. It's a slow process, though, taking generations. We are still suffering from aftershocks of slavery, of Victorian and Calvinist eras whose wounds have been more covered over than really healed.

Question 3 - What's the best thing that's happened to you at Burning Man?

Making new friends and compatible groups, opening more to sacred sexuality. Unfortunately, many of these friends and groups are in California; I've made four solo driving trips there since Burning Man 99, almost 12,000 miles on the road.

It's been very rewarding, though.
Country or state Colorado
Career or Hobby I write elaborate and precise incantations in arcane languages in order to
induce primitive silicon based life forms to perform fancy tricks for their owners.

I am also a gardener of memes. (See URL and follow links)