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Burning Man 99
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Torch Job

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What was your journey to Burning Man?
Answer Drove in hot rod Chevy van from Brooklyn, NYC. Still eating 20 pounds of meat donated by Grandma on Day 2. Took 17 to 90 to 80. Salt Lake City and Chicago suck. Lots of hot dyke babes in Wyoming. Weird truckers along the way. Winnemucca Frontier Hotel sucked- bugs & flooding sink & shower plus BUGS. Camping previously was most excellent. Plugged in Bass and Amp at RV camp. Along with partner and band member Sam, our band is Torch Job! Still have 13 you-know-whats.
Country or state NYC Brooklyn Williamsburg (South Side )
Career or Hobby Massage Therapist/ Musician
Description pink tutu, pink barbie guitar, black cowboy hat

Question Are you doing any projects at Burning Man this year? If so, what? If not, can you think of any projects you might want to do or might want somebody else to do?
Answer I am playing drums in my band Torch Job, and Tara ( my friend in the photo ) plays bass. We played our first show yesterday, but we needed a guitar player so we put a sign up for auditions and 20 minutes later we found one! Now we just have to get some shows here, although we play in our camp, Acme, every day if possible. VERY NOISY PUNK ROCK!!
Country or state New York
Career or Hobby drummer, artist, hair and make-up stylist
Anything else to say TORCH JOB RULES!!!!
Description leopard, tutu, cat ears