Two Chrisses

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Burning Man 99
Set 8
Two Chrisses

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What was your journey to Burning Man?
Answer A sabbatical for preparing my next adventure: SOUTH. And a chance to live in a community where the only rule is not to injure anyone else.
Country or state Terra
Career or Hobby Traveler ( used to be a low-level accountant )
Description Glitter boy

Question What's the best thing that's happened to you at Burning Man?
Answer Feeling OK about being nude on the main street of a city with 30,000 people.
Country or state CA
Career or Hobby Geologist
Anything else to say This is my first time using fingernail polish and body paint.
Description Green lines around abdomen, green fingernails.

Question Do you have any views on sex? Of course you do! What are some?
Answer Sex is best with loved ones and friends, better than strangers.

The U.S. is a way too sex-phobic culture...
Country or state CA
Career or Hobby Geologist