King & Queen of the Sea

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Burning Man 99
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King & Queen of the Sea

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question Do you think Burning Man is a good or bad place for children? How come?
Answer I think Burning Man is an amazing place for children and I would certainly bring mine were I to have one or two.
Country or state Seattle, WA
Career or Hobby Game Designer
Description sea shell crowns

Question Why are you dressed like you are?
Answer Maybe it has something to do with astrology - I am a leo and a dragon. Both of these are signs of royalty, so I wanted to be queen of something. Daniel and I have visited and enjoyed two aquaria this year (Vancouver & Monterey) and both of us really enjoy looking at sea life. He's a good king, and even though the King and Queen of the sea are out of place in the desert, we're having a lovely time.
Country or state California
Career or Hobby student - entomolory major