Mascot in Butch Drag

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Burning Man 99
Set 9
Mascot in Butch Drag

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question What don't you like about Burning Man?
Answer People's tendancy to trivialize the experiences of others to heighten the value of their own is probably the most disturbing trend of Burning Man. I love hearing people say, "oh, I was at Burning Man when it was still on Baker Beach" then go off on how commercial it's become. Commercial? Yeah, I suppose selling ice, water and coffee at the cafe is pretty commercial.

The Black Rock community is still one of the most amazing, life-changing/-affirming experiences you can have in America. It reminds me that there are still kindred spirits left in the world, not just a bunch of SUV driving dotcom monsters. Not that I'm not a dotcommer, mind you, but at least I'm not a fucker.
Country or state California
Career or Hobby Clown
Anything else to say Swing by our camp when you're on the Playa. Just ask someone with a radio where NAMBLA the Clown's staying.