Bad Boys

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Burning Man 99
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Bad Boys

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question Draw a picture of yourself at Burning Man.
Country or state California
Career or Hobby Pizza Restauraunt owner

Question Did you meet somebody you like? Describe this person.
Answer I met my friend Tate again and his nre beautiful girlfriend Jenna. Tate is the warmest person I've ever met.
Country or state Lake Taho, CA
Career or Hobby Skiing
Anything else to say Thank you
Description Blu & Red painted hair with glitter makeup & friend Tate with puple hair (& girl with sunhat)

Question What was your journey to Burning Man?
Answer A relief. A magnificant escape.
Country or state California
Career or Hobby Professional Guide (Rafting, Fishing, etc)
Description Purple sparkle paint + Silver