Axolotl Boy

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Burning Man 99
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Axolotl Boy

Images © Julian Axolotl 1999

Question Are you doing any projects at Burning Man this year? If so, what? If not, can you think of any projects you might want to do or might want somebody else to do?
Answer Yup. You're looking at it.
Once upon a time in 1997 Jackie and I were in the Toys-R-Us on Geary Street in San Francisco. We were in the Barbie aisle when we met a very nice lady. Her name was Maid Marian. She told us about Burning Man. I hadn't heard of it before. Later that year we headed off to the playa. It was wonderful! But, something was missing. I needed to be more a part of what was happening. I needed to contribute. I love photographing people and I especially love the people of Burning Man. The die was cast...
Country or state San Francisco, CA
Career or Hobby Computer Geek, Photography
Anything else to say The people in these photographs are alive as can be. Borrow from their creativity, beauty, and strength. Be good to other people. Be good to yourself. Live as much as you can.
Description PJs and parade outfit