Steal these Theme Camp Ideas!

Wanna do a theme camp at Burning Man this year, but don't have an idea? If so, just read these camp ideas and see if one suites your fancy.


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Theme Camp Ideas


Theme Camp Ideas (with no description)


Feel free to use any of these camp ideas that you want. Other folks may also use the same camp idea that you use. If they do, think of it as different chapters of the same camp. If you find others who used the same camp idea, rejoice in your new found, like-thinking brethren.

Burning Man camps should give something to the community. If you end up picking a camp with a negative theme, just be sure that the spirit is one of fun and creativity. Camps are a key part of the life blood of Burning Man. The organizers don't decide what Burning Man will be. The tens of thousands of people who go and participate determine that.

Bring it home! Figure out something you can do in your community. Stage a "terrorist act of love". Figure out something your camp can do at your local park, bank, or school. Don't keep the creativity of Burning Man trapped on the playa. This can be great prep before heading out to Black Rock City.

"Theme camps" should take their ideas and run. Don't tie your mind to Burning Man. There's nothing you can do at Burning Man that you can't do elsewhere also. Burning Man is just a canvas. Find other canvases. Some day Burning Man may not exist. If this happens the strongest camps will still survive and thrive. A camp is just an organization of like minded folk who are trying to have fun and maybe change the world. There are fifty two weeks in a year, not just one.

Example. Supersnail portraits taken on the playa. This technology and some supersnail members went to the San Francisco Dyke March.

Evolve. This is a bit obvious, but if you had a theme camp last year and plan to do it again this year, think of what you can change. What worked and didn't work? How can things be different and thus stay fresh. Continual change is esential to the survival of most camps.
Keep the creativity rolling. Feel free to use any of these ideas, but also let the many camp ideas poke your brain into new ideas of your own.

If you wanna see hundreds of theme camp listings from years past, just click here. Let old ideas inspire new ones.

I hope for more roving camps. Go to the people. Don't just wait for them to come to you.

Also there should be more camps that are designed to interact with other camps. What positive way can your camp descent on and involve any other given camp?

Masochism and camp creation often go together. Only create a camp that's as much work as your up for.

Think of the camp you create as a gift for the community. It's quite dangerious to expect things in return.

Follow through. If you have a camp where you promise to do something later (like post the thing people wrote on the web), work hard to really make it happen. Plan out costs. Most things require more work then you expect.


This list was inspired by this list of possible theme camps that was written by Julia, Sebbo, and Charlotte.

I have no doubt that many of the ideas in this list have been thought of before and will be thought of again. Please don't think that we think that we are unique in thinking of such camp ideas. Such ideas seep through cells and jump synapses far and wide.

For better or for worse this list is a compilation of thoughts by:

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