Nat Gertler Interview

Who first liked your art?
I did. After all, it isn't hard unless it's something you believe in!

Advice or comments for folks that may be reading that after clicking on your picture or supersnail drawing?
If you're spending web time reading an interview with someone because you viewed a picture of a snail they drew, it's probably time to log off and go for a walk.

What comic book character would you like to have sex with?
The Shmoo!

What would you like from your fans and admirers?
Desire for more, and a willingness to spread the word.

How can people see or buy your creations?
Surf on over to

Is the comic/zine industry sometimes frustrating?
6. Answer hazy; try again later.

Nat Gertler, writer/publisher of the comic book The Factor, is taking the backwards route of coming -out- of the mainstream -into- the alternative. Previously, he has written for comics ranging from Legends Of NASCAR to The Flintstones.
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Nat Gertler Interview

Writer of "The Factor".



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Nat Gertler Interview

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