Mari N. Schaal Interview

Who first liked your art?
Probably my mommy or daddy... I've always gotten a lot of encouragement from my friends and family. ...and very little from the people who could give me the big bucks for what I do. That's okay, though... I've never really liked mainstream stuff, so why should I expect mainstream people to like me? *exasperated sigh*

Advice or comments?
I'm a nice person. No, really... My comics are very cool, and you should seek them out. Now.

What comic book character would you like to have sex with?
Uhm, too messy -- ink and paper cuts all over the place!

What would you like from your fans and admirers?
I love getting fan mail and I love getting presents... lots of presents! :) And maybe next month's rent...

How can people see or buy your creations?
My web page:
My e-mail address:
Ordering information:
Some of my work can also be seen in Action Girl Comics #15, 16, and soon, 17!

Is the comic/zine industry sometimes frustrating?
Yes, although not nearly as frustrating as every other industry out there. :)

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Mari Schaal Interview




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Mari Schaal Interview

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