Sypher Interview

Who first liked your art?
The answer is different for each of us, but at the core, we're just chaotic artists chasing our own visions. If other people like it, so much the better.

Advice or comments?
Never take a drink from a smiling demon and never deny a fey lass a dance.

What comic book character would you like to have sex with?
We don't have sex comic characters... although we've based a lot of our characters with girls we've had sex with.

What would you like from your fans and admirers?
From our fans and admirers, we hope they enjoy and support our artistic endeavors. We really appreciate the feedback we get from them. To see the glimmer of understanding or appreciation in their eyes redeems all of the sacrifices and darkened nights we've endured to created these works.

How can people see or buy your creations?
You can order our books through Diamond Distributors, request them at any major comic book shop or order directly through Sypher. Request a catalog from or visit our website at
We also sell original artwork and prints at galleries, art conventions and through our virtual gallery online. If you're interested in original work or having the Sypher crew do something special for you, the best way to get a hold of us is via email .

Is the comic/zine industry sometimes frustrating?
With both blades drawn, through tempests and dark seasons, endurance must carry us where inspiration does not.

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Sypher Interview

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Sypher Interview

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