Peter S Conrad Interview

How did you get started drawing comics?
Like a lot of people, I started in grade school. I gave it up for a while, but now I'm really into it again.

So this is a career for you?
I don't know! There isn't a lot of money in it. People don't buy a lot of comics, so you really have to do it because you like to draw, not because you think you'll get rich and famous.

You're not going to get rich and famous?
That's not what I said! Actually, I'm trying to get my work out to non-traditional markets, to get it seen by people who don't normally buy comics. The internet is a real gift in that regard.

Are your comics online?
Yeah, you can see them at but they really look better on paper. Hint, hint. If you go to that web page, the address is there.

Anything else you'd like to tell the world?
Wow, can I think about that one for a while?

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Peter S Conrad Interview

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Peter S Conrad Interview

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