N.J. Mullins Interview

Who first liked your art?
Kids in my 5th grade class.

Advice or comments for web surfers looking at the photo of you?
PHOTO: These are trained professionals. Please don't try this at home.
Um, a quick note here from julian. See how the picture of you two is out of focus? That's because my camera died and I borrowed a neat camera from a way awesome nice lady named Alisa. Her camera was more automated them I'm use to. It auto-focuses in the center of the picture. Note that the wall behind you is in perfect focus. As Nick says, "don't try this at home". -julian

What comic book character would you like to have sex with?
Sex with comics characters is very uncomfortable. The paper chafes and when you're through all the pages are stuck together.

What would you like from your fans and admirers?

How can people see or buy your creations?
Also, our on-line review site: Alternative Comix Kiva

Is the comic/zine industry sometimes frustrating?
Only if you expect to make money or for people to read your stuff.

Each person photograhed got a number. Nicks number was "78".
As a side note. The number 78 is the number I used in the first grade as my guess as to how many jelly beans were in the plastic easter egg. I got the amount exactly right, so I got the jelly beans.

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N.J. Mullins Interview

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N.J. Mullins Interview

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