Alternative Comic Book Creators

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This list is in alphabetical order by last name (when a last name is given).

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Art Adams "Monkeyman and O'Brian", "Gen 13 "
Laura Allred Madman, Red Rocket 7, Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy.
Mike Allred Madman, Red Rocket 7, Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy.
Michael Aushenker "El Gato", "Chipmunks and Squirrels", "Those Unstoppable Rogues"
Bakado Bakado
Donna Barr "The Desert Peach" and "Stinz"
Greg Beettam Xeno's Arrow
Laura Behary Nemesister
Anina Bennett Heartbreakers Superdigest
Stephen Blue Awakening
Dawn Brown Little Red Hot
anna bruce
Clay Butler Sidewalk Bubblegum
Craig Clark Nemesister
Madison Clell Cuckoo
Kerry and Tyler Cohen "Possum" and "Tatooed Woman"
Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
Steve Conley Astounding Space Thrills
Peter S Conrad Attempted Not Known
Peet Cooper Ant Farm
Jordan Crane NON
Jordan Crane NON
Kevin P. Croall Toadstool Enterprises
Lloyd Dangle Troubletown
Death Comics Death Comics
Deborah G. and Suzanne S Red Hot Mama
Roman Dirge Lenore
Dreamer Design
Jason Dube Scattered Comics
Greg Espinoza "Sambu Gassho", "Hey Stay Out!
Jen Feinberg Chi
Loran Gayton Morning Glory The Faerie
Stephen Geigen-Miller Xeno's Arrow
Nat Gertler The Factor
Giant Robot Magazine Giant Robot Magazine
Robert Goodin Robot Publishing Co.
Roberta Gregory "Naughty Bits" and "Artistic Licentiousness"
Alan Groening
Paul Guinan "heart-breakers"
Arene C. Harris Pont-au-Change
Javier Hernandex El Muerto
Gilbert Hernandez "Love and Rockets"
Jamie Hernandez "Love and Rockets"
Jeff Hoke Museum of Lost Wonder
Sam Holmes
Dave Janicek Hardknock
Kat M. (Emily)
Kelly Endigo
Michael Kenny Young Bug
Keith KnightThe "K" Chronicels
James Kochalka Superstar "Magic Boy", "Little Mister Man"
David Lapham Stray Bullets
Christine LeBeau Toadstool Enterprises
Larry Lewis oodles of mini-comics
Jason Little Jack's Luck Runs Out
Jim Mahfood "Clerks", "Zombie Kid 5 & 6", "Scud #4"
Jim Mahfood "Clerks", "Zombie Kid 5 & 6", "Scud #4"
Scott McCloud Zot, Understanding Comics
Seanan McGuire
Linda Medley Castle Waiting
Alberto Melendez Ant Farm
Eric Mengel Petey the Homeless Teddy Bear
Mercedes Mercedes
L6X Lillian Mousli "Das Gruselalphabet", "StrayCats", and "Teufel"
N.J. Mullins Litmus Twist, Alternative Comix Kiva
Sean Murray Den and Jimmy
Leland Myrick Sweet
Rafael Navarro SONAMBULO
The NewsletterThe Newsletter
Jeff Nicholson "Bad Habit", "Colonia".
Michael O'Brian Character in "Transmetropolitan"
Pablo's Inferno Pablo's Inferno
Penguin Palace Penguin Palace
Pete the P.O.'d P.W. Pete the P.O.'d Postal Worker
Brian RalphCave-In
Red and Cowboy
Todd Rinker "Mr. Duckbeak", "Paranoia for Dummies
Androo Robinson "The Whistleworks" and "Kindnesses"
Richard Sala "13 'oclock", "Evil Eye"
Mikel Samson Hardknock
Justin Sane
Mari Schaal Estrus
Ariel Schrag Definition, Potential
Jason Shiga "it could happen to you" and other fine multiple-choice comics
Virgil Simpelo Prometheus Anthologies
Ian & Tyson Smith Oddjob
William Stout
Dan Strachota "Nerd", "Tiny Deaths",
"Yields Under Gentle Pressure"
Shawn Strider Prometheus Anthologies
Doug TenNapels gear
Jhonen Vasquez "Squee", "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac"
Michael Vega Morning Glory The Faerie
Anthony Vukojevich Chick Magnet
Matt Wagner Grendel, Mage
Steven Weissman "Yikes" and "The Lemon Kids
Shannon Wheeler Too Much Coffee Man
Jerry Williams! Tales of Hip-Hop Horror
Judd Winick "The adventures of Barry Ween boy Genius", "Frumpy the Clown"
Bernie Wrightson Swamp Thing artwork, original Frankenstein artwork, The Stand, Batman, The Punisher
Cat Yronwode Helped with many through the ages.
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