Commercial Use of these photographs

I always want to be sure that the people in the photographs are fine with how their photographs are used.

I usually love it when magazines use my photographs. Most of the people I've photographed would want to be in print.

If you work for a print or web based publication and would like to use one or more of the images from this site, please send an email to me so that we can discuss it.

If you would like to use photographs from the Supersnail website for advertising, please email me. Tell me about the project and what photographs you're interested in.

I will only allow photographs to be used in ways that the subject in the photograph approves of. This will veto the use of some photographs. If I don't have a release form or contect information for a subject, then the photograph can't be used for advertising.

For the Burning Man photographs, there are strict rules on how images may be used commercially. It's often fine for them to be printed as part of a story in a magazine or book, but it would definately not be appropriate to use them in advertisements.