Collaborative Concept Photo Project at Burning Man 2003

  1. Think of how you want the world to be different.
  2. Think of an image that will help society to change in that way.
  3. If you come up with image (from your brain or from this list), then send me an email and we'll take that picture on the playa at Burning Man.

Do you want to help question societies views on TV, money, love, the US flag, breast feeding, body image, Race, War, and the issues that you feel most deeply about?

Some rules are important to question. Can your brain come up with either silly yummy-fun or serious ideas that will help with this cause? Is there some issue that's deeply personal to you? Would you like to be the subject of a photograph like this?

The photographs are for a book project, so there are release forms. All the photographs are to be taken at Burning Man against a white (or in some rare cases black) background.

The photographs should have some story behind them. They should engage the brain. They should be more then just fashion. Some of the ideas listed here are negative. Very positive images are especially great also.

This is a Supersnail cooperative project.

This web page is long. If you wanna read it all, maybe print it out and put it in the bathroom.

Political photo ideas

Body Paint

We have simple tempera paint at supersnail camp. Our supplies are somewhat random though. Ideally bring your own body paint, but if you don't you can see if supersnail camp has what's needed. In most cases simple tempera (kids poster paint) is cheap and works really well for photographs.

If there's anybody out there who's going to be doing air brush body painting (and has the air brush and all), I'd love to plan out some shots together.

More Photo Ideas

Past Supersnail Photographs

You can click on many of the small photographs on this page to see that large version.

Here are some past supersnail portraits...
2001 Portraits
2000 Portraits
1999 Portraits
1998 Portraits

The 2002 photos are still in progress.

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