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Picture 10 of Dyke March Portraits (set5)

Young, Queer and Safe? was made by young people who have worked with me during a research project.

Jackie: So from where did you come? Woman #1: A place called Bristol. Jackie: I've heard of Bristol. Have you heard of it? My God! Jackie: So why are you here at the dyke march? Because it's obviously the place to be. We wanted to come to America, and I thought, where else could you go that's fantastic, where there's millions of dykes, and the sun shines? And we were right, weren't we? Woman #2: And it's also that, we were worried about missing Pride in London. Woman #1: Because it's not a cool Pride any more. Woman #2: Pride in London is shite, because they're trying to call it Mardi Gras, and Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday. That's pancake day, and that's in February, right? It's not in June. So we're boycotting London, we're coming to San Francisco.


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Dyke March Portraits
Dyke March Portraits (set5)
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Image Title: Picture 10 of Dyke March Portraits (set5) from Dyke March Portraits
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