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Picture 17 of Dyke March Portraits (set5)

Jackie: Why are you at the dyke march? To pick up women. Big, butch women. As many as I can take on at once. Jackie: What's cool about the dyke march? Um, did I mention the part about women? Butch women? Big, butch women! Jackie: And why are you here at the dyke march? Woman #2: I'm after femme women. All kinds of femme women! Busty femme women! Woman #1: She's into the titties, for sure. Woman #2: I'm into titties! I love to have them smashed in my face, and put my dick in them, and everything like that. Jackie: Anything else to say to posterity, to history, to the world? Woman #1: Did I mention the butches?? Woman #2: Did I mention the femmes??


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Dyke March Portraits
Dyke March Portraits (set5)
Picture 17

Images © Julian Axolotl 2000
Photos by Julian and Randal
Image Title: Picture 17 of Dyke March Portraits (set5) from Dyke March Portraits
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