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Picture 18 of Dyke March Portraits (set5)

Jackie: Where you coming from? Woman #1: From Point Richmond, California. Jackie: Why are you at the dyke march? Woman #1: Because it's one of the most incredible, empowering things you can do. I think it's a great thing. Woman #2: I think it's a great thing. Woman #1: Absolutely. Woman #2: I haven't missed one yet. This is, what is it? Seven? Six, something like that. Woman #1: I think I was at the first one. Woman #2: Eight. Woman #1: Okay, there we go. Jackie: How has it changed? Woman #1: It's gotten huge, I can't believe it. It's way more organized. I don't know if that's good or bad, but it seems like it's more organized. Jackie: Anything to say to the dykes of the world? Woman #1: Come out, come out, come out! Woman #2: Wherever you are!


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Dyke March Portraits
Dyke March Portraits (set5)
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Image Title: Picture 18 of Dyke March Portraits (set5) from Dyke March Portraits
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