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Jackie: I sense that you have something to say to the world at large. I'm right, ain't I? What's foremost in your mind, lately? That people just haven't gotten, that they f*cking need to get? I do a lot of political organizing, so I'm tired of people that aren't doing their part. You know, because everybody says, 'oh, housing is getting terrible,' but they're not doing anything. You know, can't even live here and they're not doing anything. But this is a nice day, because so much of what I see is people fighting with each other, everybody is mellow and getting along today. The dyke march, it's nice; all the women, with a lot of together energy. Now if they could just take that home and do that every day of the week! Jackie: How long have you been coming to the dyke march? Oh, you know, almost since the first one, which hasn't been that long, I don't think. Maybe eight years. Six years? I'm not sure. I was living around the Castro in the early '90s and I think it started around then. Jackie: What's the deal with the button? Oh, this is from my friends over at Wages for Houseworkers. Wait, Lesbians for Housework? That doesn't work. Laugh Women should get paid for work, and I do organizing with sex workers and I just thought this was a cool button: 'Whores Against Wars.' Because it's not the usual sort of thing you think of, when you think of whores. You don't think of them as being political. So it's kind of like mixing metaphors. I said, I have that one button, 'We're All Bad Girls' already, so let me get this one too.


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Dyke March Portraits
Dyke March Portraits (set5)
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Image Title: Picture 23 of Dyke March Portraits (set5) from Dyke March Portraits
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