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Jackie: So why are you at the dyke march? Woman #1: Because this is my first year in San Francisco, and there are 50,000 women here. How could you be anywhere else? There's something cool about that. I'm with the San Francisco Lesbian Avengers, actually, and we are here to fuck shit up! There are a lot of women who are dykes but they don't identify with the fact that there are huge problems and that we have powerful numbers. Us being here proves that. If we could harness that strength, we could change the world. I mean, we are! We are changing the world! The fact that we are here, the fact that this is happening, the fact that we're allowed to run around topless and the police don't do anything even though it's illegal in this state, because there's so many of us, that they know not to fuck with us. If we used that power, and we used it with our money, and we used it with our children, we wouldn't have to worry about the problems we do now. Jackie: What do the Lesbian Avengers avenge? We're a direct action group, and so a lot of the things that we do, I probably shouldn't tell you about. {We fight against:} classism, racism, homelessness, body issues... We love fat and we think more women should, you know, it's a good thing!


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Dyke March Portraits
Dyke March Portraits (set6)
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