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Jackie: Tell me the story of these outfits. The story of these outfits began with a housemate who said, "hey, let's have some color and drum and sound in the break, because it gets kind of somber in the dyke march, because dykes can be kind of serious." And we said, "okay." And I said, "I want to be naked!" And they said, "Okay... We'll be cold." And I said, "Okay, I'll be half-naked!" And then we took these colors, and a friend had Mardi Gras beads, and it was just beautiful! And then we had feather headdresses. So we're kind of doing a Mardi Gras thing, but it's just to be playful and theatrical. And our group is called - some of them have drums - they are the Chicks with Sticks, and we are the Babes with Beads. Jackie: Why are you at the dyke march? To pick up girls! Jackie: What's cool about the dyke march? Visibility and power. Getting to take over the city, getting to see how many other dykes there are. Picking up girls!


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Dyke March Portraits
Dyke March Portraits (set6)
Picture 18

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Image Title: Picture 18 of Dyke March Portraits (set6) from Dyke March Portraits
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