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Picture 1 of Burning Man 99 Decompression (set2)

Click here to see a picture taken of me by Brent. It was fun that we both shot each other with digital/geek cameras. Then he found me thanks in part to the ever sweet Dori. The way great cloth over my shoulder was given to me by this wonderful woman (the one of the right). Not meaning to say that their not both in fact wonderful, because they are. Um, We took photos together at Burning Man 99. Am I starting to ramble? I suppose so. Anyhow, the world of Burning Man connections can be ever so astonishingly warm and nice.


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BM 99 Decomp
BM 99 Decom (set 2)
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Image Title: Picture 1 of Burning Man 99 Decompression (set2) from Parties
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