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Dinosaur 2000

If you could make any wish, what would you wish for?

I wish I was the "valium fairy." I would have a magic wand that would dispense a medically appropriate dose of valium directly into the brain of people suffering from stress overboard. I would visit uptight sites like traffic jams and financial districts and high-crime areas. I would make sure that everyone had a more relaxed perspective on life. The goal would be a more cooperative spirit among people. Of course, I would not take advantage of situations for my own profit. For instance, I would not bet on football games or boxing matches and then tamper with the outcome of events. Soccer games, however, are a different matter.

Country or state

Career or Hobby
Telecommunications technician/assemblage artist

Anything else to say
I have no TV, no microwave oven, no cellular phone, no web site.

I live in the stone age, a real dinosaur, and I love it!

Facial jewelry, heart-shaped labret with wings.

Other info
Good luck, Julian! You're doing a good thing!


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Dinosaur 2000

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