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Car Hits House

Unbeknownced to me, a car had hit another car, which hit my house. It had knocked in the downstairs door. This photo shows a beam which was pushed in the distance between my two fingers. The car/house accident had happened about half an hour before I broke my arm.

We got home from the emergency room at about 2AM to find the damaged house. I was upset. I decided to zone out with some TV to take my mind off of things... A couple was having sex on a bed in a room with an open door. A man walked into the room and said "If you see Julian, tell him I'm looking for him." I changed channels. A while later I saw a commercial with a puppy dog who had a bandaged up front left leg.





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Broken Arm
Broken Arm
Car Hits House

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Image Title: Car Hits House from Interim Photos
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