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(far left) My worst crime?
Being selfish.
Oh, and TOTALLY LYING to my parents and getting my brother in trouble for things he never even did. I still wonder if he forgives me for that.

(him)best deed: One night i was sitting with a friend talking in my car, and this strange looking guy came up and tapped on her window. He was younger than I, a bit intoxicated, had kind of a gang look about him, and asked directions for where he was headed on foot. His destination was over one hours walk away...and i told him i would give him a ride--while my friend did that "don't you dare let this weird guy into your car" thing with her eyes. i walked her up to her door and told her i would call her when i got home to signal all clear. Turned out the guy was trying to get back to his girlfriends house, and that just that day he had gotten out of prison. He had been in there for 2 years. We chatted while i drove, found the little house nestled between factories and he thanked me, telling me that if i ever needed anything to just remember where he was... "Do the same for someone else someday man, good stuff needs to go around" i said...and he smiled back...warmly and sincerely...and i realized that what i had done was probably one of the only "Nice" no-strings-attached thing anyone had done for him in a long, long time.

worst crime: i've never done anything really bad...but i think that chances are i probably will...but it will be a bad thing for a good cause.


full body scanning

(lady on right side) It's hard to say. I don't think there is one best thing I've done. My name in Latin means "advisor". I take pride in the fact that people come to me for all kinds of advice and help and to share their secrets...

Hopefully YEARS worth of helping people has accumulated into at least one REALLY good deed.





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